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Freak Athlete and xFusion Case Study

Freak Athlete and xFusion Case Study

How Freak Athlete partnered with xFusion to provide world-class customer service to their quickly growing brand.

About Freak Athlete

Freak Athlete began as the brainchild of Benji Stark-Elster, a former pro soccer aspirant whose career was challenged by knee injuries. With a passion for sports and a personal need for specialized training equipment, Benji saw an opportunity to revolutionize at-home fitness. He wanted to create tools that were not just effective but accessible, fostering a community where anyone could “bulletproof their bodies from home.”

The journey began with the invention of the Nordic Mini, an innovation born from Benji’s own rehabilitation experience and the need for a reliable, home-friendly training setup. Investing his life savings, Benji embarked on a mission to make elite-level training possible for everyone.
Over time, Freak Athlete expanded its offerings, driven by a commitment to enhance customer fitness experiences and provide empathetic, knowledgeable support. Behind every product is a dedicated team of coaches, engineers, and support specialists who embody the company’s ethos—making a positive impact on customers’ lives is the true mark of success for Freak Athlete.

Their ethos is simple yet profound: if they can help just one person alleviate pain, prevent injury, or move better, they’ve fulfilled their purpose. With a rapidly growing base of over 20,000 customers and a range of products that have revolutionized the fitness landscape, Freak Athlete stands as a testament to the power of innovation, community, and genuine care in the world of fitness

Working with xFusion has led to a monumental improvement in Freak Athlete’s customer experience. They found us the perfect reps with complete alignment to our mission. I forget that they’re technically not in house employees, they truly are part of the Freak Athlete team. As we scale, I’m confident our customer support team is in the right hands.
Benji Stark-Elster
Founder at Freak Athlete
  • After partnering with Freak Athlete, we’ve seen a remarkable 80% reduction in our average first response time. Additionally, we’ve consistently maintained a high customer satisfaction score of 4.9 over the past seven months.

  • Following our collaboration, we’ve successfully resolved approximately 5,600 support inquiries, accounting for 97.27% of the total workload compared to Benji’s 2.73%, allowing him to focus on other tasks and business priorities.

  • We’ve developed an effective Help Center that enables customers to find answers independently, potentially reducing the volume of incoming support tickets.

The Challenge:

Freak Athlete’s ethos, centered on a tailored customer journey, necessitated a support team that was deeply attuned to their mission. The existing outsourced partnership, while not lacking in effort, did not fully align with the brand’s specialized service standards.

Benji, the company’s founder, valued his role in steering the company’s strategic direction but found his time increasingly consumed by overseeing customer support nuances.

In pursuit of excellence and efficiency, he recognized the need for a support solution that would seamlessly integrate with the brand, thereby liberating him to channel his time and energy into the core business functions essential for Freak Athlete’s growth.

The Solution:

To align Freak Athlete’s customer support with their high standards and free Benji to focus on strategic business areas, Freak Athlete partnered with xFusion which resonates with their brand ethos. This partnership facilitated the integration of a customer support team member solely dedicated to understanding and advocating for Freak Athlete’s vision.

By proactively engaging with the brand, the new team member did not just respond to support inquiries but also built a robust knowledge base tailored to the brand’s unique products and customer needs. This strategic move significantly reduced Benji’s operational workload, enabling a more efficient workflow and allowing him to concentrate on business development and growth-driven projects.

Anticipating customer support needs before a surge in demand, the forward-thinking approach ensured a seamless transition in customer support services, setting the stage for scalable growth and a dynamic, efficient support system in tune with Freak Athlete’s trajectory.

Shoutout to xFusion's team members from Freak Athlete leaders

Shoutouts about xFusion's team member

The Results:

Since we started our partnership journey with Freak Athlete in May 2023, xFusion has been pivotal in revolutionizing its customer support framework. The collaboration led to an 80% faster response time and a robust customer satisfaction score of 4.9.

Key to this success is how xFusion serves as an extension of Benji and his ethos. The team at xFusion doesn’t just represent their products and services; they embody the spirit and commitment of Freak Athlete, ensuring that every customer interaction reflects our brand’s values. Benji’s decision to rely on xFusion for managing customer interactions has brought him peace of mind. He’s confident that customer inquiries are in good hands, allowing him to shift his focus from day-to-day support issues to scaling and expanding the business.

The synergy between xFusion and Freak Athlete promises a bright future. We’re excited to see how this partnership continues to evolve, bringing about further success and growth for both brands. This ongoing collaboration is a testament to the power of choosing the right brand ambassadors who can effectively communicate and extend the core values of a company, ensuring exceptional customer experiences both before and after-sales.

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