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Ordered Magic and xFusion Case Study

How Ordered Magic partnered with xFusion to provide world-class customer service to their quickly growing Shopify Apps.

Ordered Magic Apps empowers Shopify merchants with streamlined file uploading, instant purchasing capabilities, and captivating visual storytelling, all backed by dedicated support to enhance user experiences and drive e-commerce success.

About Orderd Magic

Founded by Toby Marsden, Ordered Magic is a dynamic force in the realm of e-commerce solutions, specializing in innovative applications designed to enhance the Shopify experience. With a commitment to delivering magic in every digital interaction, Ordered Magic has carved its niche through a suite of applications that redefine the way businesses operate on the Shopify platform.

At the core of the Ordered Magic experience are three applications. Uploadkit seamlessly empowers businesses with robust file uploading capabilities, while Instabuy revolutionizes the purchasing journey with its streamlined and instant buying experience. Adding a visual flourish to product storytelling, Hypervisual captivates customers with stunning imagery. These applications have garnered not just attention but acclaim, boasting stellar reviews and ratings that reflect the magic they bring to merchants. Toby’s commitment to innovation and user-centric design is evident in each application, fostering an ecosystem where businesses thrive, and customers are enchanted.

The testament to Ordered Magic’s excellence extends beyond its applications to its unwavering commitment to customer support, ensuring that businesses receive the magical touch they need for success.

And I thought the real world is just going to get in, and it’s going to... you know, we’re gonna drop stuff, and we’re gonna get the tone wrong and upset people, and... my workload is gonna go through the roof, and my life’s gonna become a living hell for however long. But no, it was extraordinary. I mean, really extraordinary! The entire way that we’re thinking about the future now is different because of the experience that we’ve had working with you at xFusion.
Toby Marsden
Founder at Ordered Magic

Ordered Magic's unwavering commitment to providing high-quality support has yielded exceptional results, reflected in the addition of hundreds of 5-star reviews for the trio of Ordered Magic apps—Uploadkit, Instabuy, and Hypervisual. This remarkable achievement is a testament to the dedication and proactive approach taken by the team. By consistently delivering exceptional user experiences and actively seeking feedback, Ordered Magic has not only garnered praise from satisfied users but has also achieved a significantly higher organic ranking in the Shopify app store. These outstanding reviews underscore the positive impact of Ordered Magic's commitment to excellence, contributing to the success and visibility of the applications within the Shopify ecosystem.

The Challenge:

In the pivotal year of 2020, as Ordered Magic embarked on expanding its operations to the U.S., founder Toby encountered a significant challenge. While managing four distinct applications with varied customer needs and traffic, Toby found himself entangled in the day-to-day intricacies of customer support. The demand for assistance, particularly for apps with the highest customer volumes, necessitated support coverage seven days a week, leaving Toby stretched thin and compromising his work-life balance.

With aspirations of a comprehensive solution, Toby sought to address not only the immediate need for customer support but also the broader operational challenges. Hiring full-time employees posed a managerial burden, and finding the right team with the correct culture seemed elusive. In a candid and raw conversation with xFusion’s co-founder, Jim Coleman, Toby articulated the struggles with support quality, customer connection, and the challenge of maintaining the right team culture. Toby’s vision for customer support went beyond mere satisfaction—it involved understanding and solving customers’ problems effectively.

xFusion emerged as the solution to Toby’s multifaceted challenge. Beyond handling customer support, xFusion offered a comprehensive suite of services, including concierge onboarding, documentation, and helpdesk efficiency improvements. Crucially, xFusion provided Toby with the scalability required for Ordered Magic’s ambitious growth plans, liberating him from the operational complexities of managing an in-house support team.

In entrusting xFusion with customer support responsibilities, Toby envisioned a strategic shift for Ordered Magic. This shift allowed him to redirect his focus toward technical development and strategic growth. By leveraging xFusion’s expertise in customer interaction management, training, and support, Toby could concentrate on enhancing Ordered Magic apps, exploring new ideas, and achieving a healthier work-life balance. The partnership with xFusion represented more than a solution to operational challenges—it marked the transformation of Toby’s role from a reactive support provider to a proactive developer, driving innovation and propelling the company’s growth.

The Solution:

xFusion devised a tailored and holistic strategy to elevate customer support and operational efficiency. At the core of the solution was the deployment of a dedicated full-time team member proficient in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Shopify Liquid Code. This expert not only handled tier-1 and tier-2 technical support issues but also played a pivotal role in managing escalations, ensuring prompt bug reporting directly to Toby for resolution. This streamlined customer service processes, fostering a more responsive and effective support system.

To amplify Ordered Magic’s visibility and reputation, xFusion implemented an innovative approach to garnering reviews, adhering to Shopify’s terms of service. This strategic initiative yielded a substantial increase in 5-star reviews on the Shopify app store, bolstering the company’s standing and instilling trust among potential customers.

Furthermore, xFusion took an active role in collecting and organizing customer feedback, providing valuable insights to Toby and the team. This collaborative effort empowers Toby to make informed decisions for future app enhancements, ensuring that Ordered Magic stays at the forefront of customer expectations and technological advancements. With xFusion managing customer support and feedback, Toby can concentrate on developing new features, fostering innovation, and maintaining a balance between technical advancements and feature development.

In essence, the partnership with xFusion has not only elevated the standards of customer service for Ordered Magic but has also facilitated the company’s journey toward technical excellence and sustained growth.

Shoutouts to xFusion's team members from Ordered Magic Founder

Shoutouts from Ordered Magic customers about xFusion's team member

The Results:

The partnership between Ordered Magic and xFusion stands as an achievement in the realms of customer support and operational efficiency. Since the initiation of our collaboration in April 2020, xFusion began with one dedicated team member, an expert in technical skills such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Shopify Liquid Code, tasked with managing technical support. This team has since expanded to include two full-time members and one part-time individual, specifically handling weekend shifts—a strategic move that has yielded significant benefits, as evidenced by the notable increase in 5-star reviews on the Shopify app store.

Under the guidance of xFusion’s skilled leadership group, the team has played a pivotal role in surpassing key performance indicators (KPIs) and ensuring Toby’s utmost satisfaction with the services provided. Our approach has been centered on a deep understanding of Ordered Magic’s unique needs, allowing us to adapt our support to align seamlessly with these requirements. The leadership team at xFusion has consistently monitored and adjusted strategies, maintaining high service standards and flexibly meeting evolving needs.

The impact of this collaboration is far-reaching. Most notably, it has liberated Toby to redirect his focus from customer support to his core strengths—software development and innovation. This shift has resulted in substantial improvements to app features and overall functionality, ultimately contributing to an enriched user experience for Shopify merchants.

Moreover, the proactive management of customer feedback by xFusion has provided Toby with invaluable insights, guiding the development of new features and enhancements that resonate with user needs. This iterative feedback loop has proven crucial for continuous improvement and keeping Ordered Magic ahead in a competitive market.

The success of this partnership extends beyond meeting initial goals to showcase adaptability and growth over time. xFusion’s role has evolved from a support-focused entity to a strategic partner deeply involved in various facets of Ordered Magic’s operations, reflecting our commitment to not just meet but exceed our client’s expectations.

The efficient handling of technical support issues by xFusion has fostered a higher level of trust within Ordered Magic’s customer base—a critical component of customer loyalty and business growth, especially in the highly competitive e-commerce platform market.

The collaboration between Ordered Magic and xFusion serves as a testament to the potency of strategic partnerships in driving business growth and operational excellence. Through dedicated support, technical expertise, and a profound understanding of its goals, xFusion has played a pivotal role in helping Toby and his team achieve remarkable results, laying a robust foundation for future success.

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