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Revy and xFusion Case Study

Revy and xFusion Case Study

How Revy partnered with xFusion to provide world-class customer service to their quickly growing Shopify App.

About Revy

Revy Apps, founded in 2017 by Brazilian software engineer Marcelo, is a dynamic force in the Shopify app market, catering to over 10,000 merchants. Specializing in apps that enhance sales and customer engagement, Revy’s flagship products include “Unlimited Bundles & Discounts” and “Unlimited Smart UpSell Offers.” These apps, praised for their ease of use and efficiency, boast impressive ratings of 4.7 and 4.8 stars on the Shopify app store.

Revy Apps is dedicated to providing high-quality, automated Shopify applications designed to increase sales for merchants. Their apps are built to the highest standards, offering a seamless, code-free user experience, high-quality user interface, and minimal error rates, ensuring compatibility with any Shopify store. Revy’s commitment to quality and customer satisfaction is evident in their prompt and efficient customer support.

Under Marcelo’s leadership, Revy Apps has established itself as a trusted partner for Shopify merchants seeking innovative sales solutions. With their user-friendly, high-performance apps, Revy is not just providing tools but empowering businesses to transform their customer interactions into fruitful, long-term relationships.

Knowing Jim for a long time, I knew I could trust him and his team to deal with the support of my Shopify Apps. This would allow me to focus more on the core of my business to get more things done. It's been a long time since we started working together and I have no regrets. Customer support is one of our app’s strengths and it’s praised daily by our customers. if I have any requests, xFusion’s response is almost instantly and has always been satisfactory. It’s been worth every penny to put the support of my apps in their skilled agent’s hands. For anyone wanting to focus more on their business and less on support, I strongly recommend them.
Founder at Revy

Through our dedication to high-quality support, and our proactive approach to asking for reviews, we’ve added hundreds of 5-star reviews for Revy. This has helped Revy achieve a much higher organic ranking in the Shopify app store.

The Challenge:

As the sole founder of Revy, Marcelo was deeply entrenched in managing all aspects of customer support, leaving little time for his primary role as a software engineer. His dedication to providing customer support, though commendable, hindered his ability to focus on crucial development work, including adding new features to Revy’s Shopify apps. Additionally, Marcelo’s proficiency in English as a second language posed challenges in delivering optimal support, potentially affecting customer satisfaction and the acquisition of positive reviews on the Shopify app store.

Despite Revy’s success, Marcelo recognized that the lack of proactive outreach for app reviews limited their visibility and growth potential. In a candid conversation with xFusion’s co-founder, Jim Coleman, Marcelo expressed his struggles with managing a support team, which consumed significant time in training and retraining. This managerial burden detracted from his ability to innovate and expand Revy’s technical offerings.

xFusion presented an opportunity for Marcelo to redirect his focus toward technical development and strategic growth. By outsourcing customer support to xFusion, Marcelo could leverage our expertise in handling customer interactions, training, and management, allowing him to concentrate on enhancing Revy’s apps and exploring new ideas. This strategic shift promised to transform Revy’s operational model, shifting Marcelo’s role from a reactive support provider to a proactive developer, driving the company’s innovation and growth.

The Solution:

We tailored a holistic strategy to meet Revy’s unique challenges. Since May 2020, a dedicated full-time team member has been deployed, proficient in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Shopify Liquid Code. This team member not only addresses tier-2 technical support but also plays a vital role in communication, using Jira to report any bugs directly to Marcelo for resolution, thus streamlining the customer service process.

To boost Revy’s visibility, we implemented an innovative approach to garnering reviews, adhering to Shopify’s terms of service. This strategy significantly increased the number of 5-star reviews on the Shopify app store, enhancing Revy’s reputation and customer trust.

Additionally, we actively collect and organize customer feedback, providing Marcelo with valuable insights for future app enhancements. This collaboration enables Marcelo to focus on developing new features, knowing that customer support and feedback management are in capable hands. The partnership with xFusion allows Revy to maintain high standards of customer service while driving forward with technical advancements and feature development.

Shoutouts to xFusion's team members from Revy Founder

Shoutouts from Revy customers about xFusion's team member

The Results:

The partnership between Revy and xFusion marks a significant milestone in the evolution of customer support and operational efficiency for Revy. Since the commencement of our collaboration in May 2020, xFusion has dedicated a team member, expert in technical aspects like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Shopify Liquid Code, to manage Revy’s tier-2 technical support. This strategic move has yielded substantial benefits, as evidenced by the increase in 5-star reviews on the Shopify app store.

xFusion’s team, led by a skilled leadership group, has been pivotal in hitting key performance indicators (KPIs) and ensuring Marcelo’s satisfaction with the services. Our approach has focused on understanding Revy’s specific needs and adapting our support to align with these requirements. The leadership team at xFusion has regularly monitored and adjusted strategies to maintain high service standards and meet evolving needs.

The impact of this collaboration is manifold. Firstly, it has allowed Marcelo to redirect his focus from customer support to what he does best – software development and innovation. This shift has led to significant improvements in Revy’s app features and overall functionality, contributing to an enhanced user experience for Shopify merchants.

Furthermore, the proactive management of customer feedback by xFusion has provided Marcelo with invaluable insights, guiding the development of new features and enhancements in a direction that resonates with user needs. This feedback loop is crucial for continuous improvement and staying ahead in a competitive market.

The success of this partnership is not just in meeting the initial goals but in the way it has grown and adapted over time. xFusion’s role has evolved from a support-focused entity to a strategic partner, deeply involved in various facets of Revy’s operations. This evolution reflects our commitment to not just meet but exceed our client’s expectations.

The efficient handling of technical support issues by xFusion has instilled a higher level of trust in Revy’s customer base. This trust is a critical component of customer loyalty and business growth, especially in the highly competitive e-commerce platform market.

The collaboration between Revy and xFusion is a testament to the power of strategic partnerships in driving business growth and operational excellence. Through dedicated support, technical expertise, and a deep understanding of Revy’s goals, xFusion has helped Marcelo and his team achieve remarkable results, setting a strong foundation for future success.

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