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SavvyCal and xFusion Case Study

How xFusion partnered with SavvyCal to provide world-class customer service to their quickly growing brand.

A fundamentally different scheduling experience.

About SavvyCal

In a world where efficient time management is often the line between success and stagnation, SavvyCal positions itself as the thoughtful solution to meeting scheduling. Unlike traditional scheduling tools that inadvertently burden the recipient with the responsibility of coordinating a suitable time, SavvyCal transforms this dynamic. It offers an equitable scheduling experience that is streamlined for both parties, making it easier than ever to lock in meeting times without the usual hassle.

What sets SavvyCal apart is its attention to the finer details of scheduling. Features like calendar overlays, pre-filled recipient information, and ranked availability take the guesswork out of the equation. Additional functionalities such as limiting scheduling frequency, providing per-link calendar settings, and allowing multiple durations empower the user to remain in control of their time. The platform even supports time-zone scheduling and offers the ability to delegate account access, making it ideal for businesses that operate across geographies and organizational hierarchies.

At the helm of SavvyCal is Derrick Reimer, a multi-time founder and accomplished software engineer. Derrick is no stranger to the challenges and intricacies of building robust software solutions. He successfully exited his previous venture, Drip, in 2016 when it was acquired by Leadpages, and has since been dedicated to solving the problems associated with modern scheduling. His expertise and vision for a more efficient future are encapsulated in SavvyCal, making it not just a tool, but a comprehensive solution for managing one’s time better.

As a founder busy building and marketing my product, I wanted a partner I could trust to find, train, and manage dedicated support reps to function as an extension of my team. Let’s face it: “outsourcing” is a dirty word. I was admittedly skeptical of the xFusion model at first, but they have proven that skepticism unwarranted. This is not your sterotypical outsourced support agency. Their expertise has freed me up to focus on running the business while keeping my customers well-supported.
Derrick Reimer
Founder at SavvyCal

We’ve reduced the average response time by 84.79% since partnering with SavvyCal.

The Challenge:

Derrick was grappling with the mental burden and challenges associated with time management due to the ongoing necessity to oversee and respond to support tickets, predominantly during the morning hours. 

This concern hampered his deep work sessions and stood in the way of focusing on pivotal growth initiatives for SavvyCal. He was also foreseeing an uptick in support requests (which later proved correct) with the anticipated business growth with new features on the horizon and is unsure how to handle it effectively.

The Solution:

To free himself of this stress and to systematize the handling of support inquiries efficiently, Derrick opted to partner with xFusion, which provided a dedicated customer support team member.

This setup granted him a representative dedicated solely to his business, which ensured a steady understanding and handling of his specific needs over time. The full-time team member was not just reactive but took a proactive stance in deeply familiarizing himself with Derrick’s product, even going to the extent of initiating the development of an internal knowledge base in HelpScout.

This move has facilitated a considerable reduction in Derrick’s daily operational burden, setting a foundation for a smoother workflow in customer support, and liberating him to channel more energy into product development and other growth-centric endeavors.

By bringing in support early on, even before a potential surge in customer queries during the forthcoming growth phase, Derrick exhibited a forward-thinking approach, allowing for a gradual and effective integration of the new representative. This strategy promised not only to streamline current operations but also to set a precedent for scaling the support function in line with business growth, potentially incorporating more technical roles in the future, and thus painting a picture of a scalable and efficient solution aligned with the business’s trajectory.

Shoutouts to xFusion's team members from SavvyCal leaders

Shoutout from Derrick on their podcast for the start of our partnership: Time Stamp: 22:10

Shoutout from Derrick on the way we elevate customer interaction with support tickets: Time Stamp: 10:16

Synchronous voice/video support

This is something we’ve started accommodating (though we still steer them to email conversations) but we’re now flexible to customers who really insist on synchronous voice support.

Shoutouts from SavvyCal customers about xFusion's team members

The Results:

Since we embarked on our partnership journey in May 2021, a remarkable transformation has unfolded, marked by a series of successful endeavors that have not only addressed previous challenges but have also paved the way for a brighter future for SavvyCal.

A significant change that stands tall is the enhanced efficiency in handling support tickets. There has been a remarkable improvement in response times, with no tickets being abandoned, showcasing the team’s dedication and commitment to providing timely solutions.

This development has effectively freed Derrick, allowing him to shift his focus from handling a barrage of support tickets to diving deeper into product development, a domain where his expertise truly lies. Now, Derrick involves himself only with the escalated tickets, thereby optimizing his involvement where it is needed most.

Complementing this is the considerable enrichment of the knowledge-based articles, which now serve as a robust resource, guiding users to find answers to their questions more readily and enhancing their overall experience with the platform.

Further, the support team has gone above and beyond in building solid and warm relationships with the customers. This personal touch has been amplified with the introduction of voice and video support, albeit on a case-to-case basis, introducing a level of personalization that was previously unexplored.

Our partnership has also seen a fruitful extension to side projects and back-office tasks. This facet has undergone a noticeable increase, carving out more space and time for Derrick to focus on refining the software, enhancing its capabilities, and bringing forward a product that is not only efficient but also user-friendly.

As we stand today, the bond between xFusion and SavvyCal’s founder, Derrick, has grown stronger, weaving a fabric of trust, understanding, and mutual respect. It is this strengthened relationship that holds a promise of longevity, as we collectively envision a roadmap dotted with success, innovation, and growth.

Derrick has even given xFusion shoutouts on the popular podcast he hosts, “The Art of Product Podcast.” For example, on this podcast epidode at the 22:10 mark, and this podcast episode at the 10:16 mark.

Looking forward, we hold the partnership with a spirit of enthusiasm, ready to foster and build upon the successes we have achieved so far, and eager to traverse the path of innovation, hand in hand, scaling greater heights with each passing day.

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