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The Receptionist and xFusion Case Study

How The Receptionist provides world class customer service utilizing the xFusion team, while still focusing on their ethos of “employee supremacy.”

While many companies claim to be “employee-focused,” The Receptionist takes it several steps further with an Employee Supremacy operating approach to growth.

About TheReceptionist

Since its inception in 2013, The Receptionist for iPad has become one of the world’s most widely used Visitor Management systems, active in over 5,500 offices across more than 35 countries. 

The app offers a versatile and easy-to-use solution for businesses of all sizes, from small offices to large corporations with thousands of employees. It provides a range of features, including simple visitor logging, two-way communication via SMS and email, badge printing, and custom check-in workflows. 

During the challenging Covid crisis years of 2020 and 2021, the company continued to innovate by introducing contactless check-in capabilities. This growth and continuous innovation have been driven by a commitment to customer service through their Radical Support® approach and their famous Employee Supremacy operating model.

When we first met with Jim and David, we were immediately stuck by their values and commitment to helping their employees, which meshed with our values completely. Over the past few years of working with xFusion, we have brought on multiple contract positions and see no reason to stop. They are attentive, hire the best people, and work very hard to consider our needs when hiring more people as we grow. We all look forward to many more years of growth with the xFusion team. If you are looking for an outsourced solution, I highly recommend the team at xFusion
Tom Foster
Director - Sales

Tom, Director of Sales for TheReceptionist, sent this message to our co-founder, Jim, on Slack

Quote from the client about working with xFusion

We achieved a 98.9% CSAT rating for TheReceptionist

The Challenge:

When The Receptionist sought to outsource part of its customer support and sales services, the company faced a pivotal challenge: how to maintain the same level of world-class, “radical support” that had set them apart in their industry.

With a reputation for exceptional customer service already firmly established, the risk of compromising quality by partnering with an external provider was a real concern. Additionally, The Receptionist highly values its unique culture, which includes an operating model focused on “Employee Supremacy.”

The challenge was not just finding a provider capable of delivering excellent customer service but also one that could seamlessly integrate into their culture, upholding their standards and potentially even elevating them.

Translating these high internal standards to an outsourced model was no small feat. The concern was that the outsourcing might dilute the quality of customer interactions, impact employee satisfaction, and ultimately tarnish the brand’s hard-won reputation. This wasn’t merely a matter of meeting key performance indicators; it was about preserving the essence of what made The Receptionist special.

Outsourcing often carries the stigma of reduced quality, and The Receptionist was wary of falling into this trap. Therefore, they needed an outsourcing partner who could not just meet but exceed their rigorous standards.

The Solution:

Understanding the gravity of the challenge, xFusion devised a comprehensive plan to offer The Receptionist the exceptional service quality and cultural alignment they required. First, we conducted a deep dive into The Receptionist’s business culture, processes, and customer expectations to tailor a customer support and sales strategy that would seamlessly fit within their existing framework. This involved plans designed to instill the principles of “Radical Support®” and “Employee Supremacy” into our team members who would be working on The Receptionist account.

To bridge the gap between being an external service provider and becoming a true extension of The Receptionist’s team, we implemented an open, two-way communication channel via Slack. This enabled regular updates and feedback, which were critical to adjusting and optimizing the service protocols in real-time. Moreover, we initiated a phased integration process, which allowed The Receptionist to monitor and assess the quality of our service delivery at every step.

One of the standout features of our approach was the focus on measurable outcomes aligned with The Receptionist’s business goals. These KPIs were not just confined to customer service metrics but extended to gauging employee satisfaction and cultural fit, ensuring that we not only met but exceeded the company’s high expectations.

By creating a customized, flexible, and transparent solution, xFusion aimed to dispel any doubts that an outsourced model could jeopardize quality. Rather, our approach was designed to prove that with the right partner, outsourcing could indeed maintain, and even elevate, the high standards that The Receptionist had worked so hard to establish.

Shoutouts to xFusion's team members from TheReceptionist leaders

Shoutouts from TheReceptionist customers about xFusion's team members

The Results:

The partnership between The Receptionist and xFusion has yielded exceptional results that far exceed initial expectations. With an impressive Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) score of 98.9%, we have significantly surpassed The Receptionist’s initial target of 85%. In fact, we have maintained a perfect 100% CSAT score for the majority of months since the inception of our partnership. This is a tangible indicator of our commitment to delivering “radical support” and aligning with the unique culture that The Receptionist nurtures.

Our team has shown tremendous proficiency in tailoring responses to each customer’s unique concerns, sharing relevant articles, and providing accurate and clear answers. This is reflected in the minimal number of tickets that have been reopened, underscoring the effectiveness and clarity of our communications. Testimonials from The Receptionist’s customers specifically mention our team members by name, praising their patience, politeness, and timeliness. Quotes like, “Barbara was AMAZING!” “Linda rocks!” and “Francis was so polite” validate our seamless integration into The Receptionist’s existing customer support framework.

Operationally, our collaboration has enabled The Receptionist to shift its focus toward internal affairs and other key projects. Initial ticket volume at The Receptionist was managed at 63 conversations, but with xFusion’s involvement, this figure escalated to a peak of 375 tickets between March and April 2023. Despite the increase in volume, our team’s average first response time is just 1 minute and 22 seconds, consistent with the benchmarks set by The Receptionist before our involvement.

In summary, not only have we met the stringent requirements set by The Receptionist, but we have also consistently outperformed these metrics, enabling them to grow and focus on other business-critical activities. Our team’s performance and the feedback from The Receptionist’s customers affirm that an outsourced model can indeed deliver exceptional quality and cultural alignment when partnered with the right service provider.

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