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Your Customers will Love Us, You.

We help startups scale by growing and leading teams that provide top-tier customer and back-office support.

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“I couldn’t be more excited to partner with xFusion so more startups can get help with customer support earlier and more affordably.”
— Corey Haines, Founder of Swipe Files
"As a founder busy building and marketing my product, I wanted a partner I could trust to find, train, and manage dedicated support reps to function as an extension of my team. Let’s face it: “outsourcing” is a dirty word. I was admittedly skeptical of the xFusion model at first, but they have proven that skepticism unwarranted. This is not your sterotypical outsourced support agency. Their expertise has freed me up to focus on running the business while keeping my customers well-supported."
Derrick Reimer
Founder at SavvyCal

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We help start-ups enterprises all over the world

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Bad customer service costs you money. Good customer service costs you time.

Why xFusion?

We were built for startups (by startup entrepreneurs).

Our outsourced customer service team was built and tailored by two SaaS entrepreneurs experiencing the time-sucking, day-crippling, anxiety-inducing reality of serving our own customers. So, we built something to help ourselves. And now, you too.

You get your own agent (not everyone’s agent).

There is a dirty rotten practice not normally talked about in outsourced customer service. Generally, “dedicated” agents work three and sometimes as many as four accounts. Call us old-fashioned, but here at xFusion, we believe you should get what you pay for. Unlike some of our competitors who we won’t name, each and every one of our clients gets their very own dedicated agent.

We’re looking at you…Harvard.

We aren’t Ivy League. But, we’re damn proud to say that out of the thousands of applicants we get for our dedicated agent roles, we keep a highly-competitive 0.5%. It’s worth mentioning Harvard keeps 4.7%.

A Navy Seal grade customer service bootcamp (without the sharks).

Every single one of our dedicated agents goes through an intensive bootcamp where we train them on voice, tone, empathy, and clarity of communication. It’s kind of like Navy Seal training except without the log carrying and folks nearly getting eaten by Great White Sharks.

“Isn’t it pretty to think so?” Hemingway would be so proud.

Since the vast majority of communication nowadays takes place in the written format, we have a full-time writing coach that edits and guides on the basis of clarity and brevity. Find another outsourced customer service company that can claim something like that… we dare you.

We pay a lot (because we expect a lot).

The reason most outsourced customer service companies leave something to be desired is because they pay their dedicated agents pennies on the dollar. We pay our people over double what companies like Amazon pay their outsourced support, allowing them to focus all of their time and attention keeping you and your customers incredibly happy.

We want our dedicated agents to retire.

Like we just mentioned, at other customer service companies, dedicated agents make pennies on the dollar and have to work three jobs to make ends meet. We feel we have a social responsibility to give our people a vocation they can be proud of, and one day retire from. We pay our people well enough that they can put in a good, hard-working 8-hour shift, and then go home, relax and enjoy their lives. As a side-effect, we’ve found this balance drastically improves their productivity and quality of work, too.

We’re waiting by the phone like it’s the 1990s.

Golly Gee Wilikers. We’re getting butterflies just thinking about it. The idea of you picking up the phone and giving us a ring and asking us if… we… maybe wanna… take over your customer service.  To which, we would say yes… obviously

No. But, seriously. Let’s talk.

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Are we not your cup of tea?

If we aren’t the right fit for you, don’t just stand there and break our hearts. Introduce us to one of your friends or one of your friends’ friends. If it works out, we will give you 1,000 bucks.