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SaaS Reinvented: xFusion

Experience the difference of support with a soul. Discover our story and the people who care about your customers as much as you do.

SaaS Reinvented: xFusion

Experience the difference of support with a soul. Discover our story and the people who care about your customers as much as you do.

Our mission is to lead with excellence, partner with integrity, and build with intention, reimaging outsourcing and driving lasting positive change

We understand SaaS because that is how we started

Jim’s Story

Prior to xFusion, Jim was previously a SaaS operations manager at a private equity firm, LTV SaaS Growth Fund. He oversaw operations and high-level growth initiatives across a portfolio of SaaS holdings.

He vetted potential SaaS acquisitions, led due diligence, and the post-acquisition handover processes of multiple SaaS assets.

Jim’s also a SaaS business owner and knows the SaaS world very well. He loves helping owners and operators improve their game.

Outside of work, he’s passionate about adoption and raising foster children and his dream is to maximize his impact on developing countries.

David’s Story

Before xFusion, David studied Computer Science at UC Berkeley. He was fascinated by the potential of both how broad and how deep one can go in understanding the digital world. He then went on to become a software engineer at Uber & Salesforce. In those companies, he spent time on internal tools, growth hacking, mobile apps, optimizing dispatch, and anti-fraud backend development.

On the side, he manages a set of SaaS apps and took what he & Jim learned there to build the foundations of xFusion. Outside of work, he loves learning about entrepreneurship, psychology, investing, and personal development. His life goal is to inspire people to live abundant lives by creating free & high-quality content on the topics of personal & financial development.

xFusion by the numbers

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We envision a world of connected opportunities:

One where businesses don't have to sacrifice ethics for efficiency
Where SaaS customers trust in the expertise of support and feel genuinely cared for.
And one that creates meaningful opportunities for communities worldwide
Elevate more than just your customer experience. Redefine outsourcing and transform your SaaS

Outsourcing for Good:
Creating Opportunities, Empowering Communities

Our purpose is to champion a more just and connected world by redefining ethical outsourcing. We deliver exceptional SaaS operational support and create opportunities that uplift communities, empowering positive change. Discover how we’re driving positive change through our ethical outsourcing practices. 

Our Gold Standard

Our values at xFusion form the bedrock of our organization.
They shape our behavior, guide our decisions, and underscore who we are as a company


Simply stated, we put others above ourselves. We will serve and love one another with Love, Honor and Respect

Passion for People

We go the extra mile to understand needs, deliver exceptional experience, and build genuine connections.

Purpose-Driven Impact

Our work transcends tasks - it fuels positive change within our community and beyond.


Ingenuity drives us. We embrace challenges, think creatively, and overcome obstacles to achieve outstanding results.


We value empathy. We seek to understand different perspectives, foster inclusivity, and treat everyone with kindness

Unwavering Intergrity

We act with honor and keep our promises. Our word is our bond, and we hold ourselves accountable to the highest standards

The People Behind xFusion

Meet some of the talented team of experts that make xFusion possible


Joan Estacio

Operations Manager

Daniel Juma

Senior Account Manager

Reggie Rendal

Account Manager
Brian Moninda

Brian Moninda

Account Manager

Marie Medina

Account Manager
Martin Onami

Martin Onami

Account Manager
Jeff Odinga

Jeff Odinga

Account Manager

David Tran

Jim xFusion-min

Jim Coleman

Co-Founder / CEO
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