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Life before xFusion

Adam Amnesia just forgot his password. Tiffany Tightwad believes she got double-charged last month (it says so on her credit card statement she refuses to send over).

Bobby Badass is threatening to switch over to your biggest competitor if you don’t offer up a fat discount. Quentin Questions is asking you literally everything on the FAQ. And, Dennis The Menace just called you a name that would make your momma cringe.

And just like that – your Monday went to hell in a handbasket.

Life after xFusion

After partnering with xFusion, the customer craziness still happens – but you no longer handle it. And further, you don’t worry about it.

Your worry turns to confidence because you know you have an outsourced A-team of dedicated agents and customer service aficionados. They make your unhappy customers happy and your happy customers even happier.

This lets you stay focused on the stuff you do best at your startup… the coding, the marketing, the running, and the blue sky thinking.

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As we said, we’re waiting by the phone like it’s the 1990s.