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Supercharge Your SaaS Growth: Understanding Net Dollar Retention

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The Metric That Measures True Growth

Net Dollar Retention (NDR) is a powerful metric that provides a comprehensive view of your company’s ability to retain and grow revenue from existing customers. By understanding NDR, SaaS companies can gauge customer loyalty, the effectiveness of upsell strategies, and overall growth potential.

Graph displaying net dollar retention rates over time for a SaaS company, highlighting growth trends.

What is Net Dollar Retention?

Annual Net Dollar Retention (NDR) is the percentage of recurring revenue retained from existing customers over a year, accounting for customer churn, upsells, and expansions.

Why NDR is a Game-Changer for SaaS Companies

Tracking NDR is crucial because it:

  • Measures Customer Loyalty: Indicates how well you retain existing customers.
  • Highlights Revenue Growth: Shows revenue growth from upsells and expansions.
  • Assesses Churn Impact: Accounts for revenue lost due to customer churn.

Calculating Your NDR: A Step-by-Step Guide

Here’s how you can calculate your Net Dollar Retention:

Example Calculation:

  • Starting MRR: $100,000
  • Revenue Lost from Churn: $10,000
  • Revenue Gained from Upsells and Expansions: $20,000

Ending MRR = 100,000 − 10,000 + 20,000 = 110,000

This means your Net Dollar Retention rate is 110%, indicating growth in revenue from existing customers despite some churn, thanks to successful upsells and expansions.

Benchmarking Your NDR: How Do You Measure Up?

Dashboard displaying key metrics for a SaaS business, including net dollar retention.

Benchmarking your NDR against industry standards provides valuable insights:

  • SaaS companies typically aim for an NDR above 100%.
  • A higher NDR indicates strong customer retention and effective upsell strategies.

Addressing Common Challenges


  • Accurate Data Collection: Ensuring all relevant data is accurately collected and tracked.
  • Customer Churn Management: Managing and reducing customer churn effectively.


  • Regular Monitoring: Continuously monitor and update your MRR and churn data.
  • Customer Engagement: Implement strategies to engage customers and reduce churn.

Drive Growth with Strong NDR

Understanding and optimizing your Net Dollar Retention is essential for driving growth in your SaaS business. By focusing on retaining customers and maximizing upsells and expansions, you can achieve sustainable revenue growth and enhance overall business performance.

Pie chart showing distribution of revenue retention across various customer segments for a SaaS business.

Start tracking your NDR today to gain valuable insights into your SaaS company’s growth potential. Explore more metrics on our website to stay ahead in the SaaS industry.


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